Feb 2013 14 Ways to LOVE myself more…

I commited at the beginning of 2013 to a monthly post:) I feel being a new mom does not afford me all the free time I’d love to blog daily…I’m ok with that:) The time I now spend with my Aliyah is precious and priceless.  I truly LOVE being a mom and feel I’m pretty stellar at it. If I do say so myself.  HEHE She’s not complaining…at least not yet…lol

My last few posts have acknowledged though that old habits die hard and I am in old patterns of talking unkind to myself and my body(pregnancy changed it) And I am trying to learn that that is ok!!!!  This past week I found myself with another set back(no pun intended)… I hurt my lower back and have been stuck home for almost a week.:(

Yes, ok I got the memo universe…SLOW down…and I sware I’ve had to.  Missing events(sorry Tara), Missing classes (sorry Beach Yoginis) and well once again missing the REAL (busy, active, and fit) me.

So 5 days into the most LOVE filled month of the year I came up with a list of reminders for me and well you too!


1)  Write 5 things you love about yourself every morning…start the day with a BANG of love and self praise…set the tone and the rest of the day should be a celebration of this(YOU)

2)  Take a self portrait of you for 5 days…This can be all of you or the parts that you love the best…your toes, tatoo, any part that makes YOU feel beautiful.

3)  Shift your focus (I admit I really need this one) Look at the internal you…Shift away from your physical body and love all YOU can about your core self(SPIRIT YOU)

4)  Write a LOVE note on your mirror or on post its to hang around.

Dear Ursula,

You are enough. 8 extra pounds does not change how great a mother, wife, or friend you are. Love yourself daily and your body will take care of itself:)


5)  Follow Positive People, Blogs, Media…etc…Look for things that add to YOU in a Positive way.

6)  Find a ROLE MODEL in YOU…look at yourself as others do…What are you gifting the world daily?? LOTS!!!

7)  Feed Yourself JOY, Good Food, and Exercise.

8)  Embrace your passions, Do the things you excel at and share them with those you love.  Teaching others builds self esteem all around.

9)  Dump all negatives…No more CAN’TS!!! Just do your best and have fun!

10)  Nuture Yourself…Like a flower, like a child, gift YOU exceptance and understanding.

11)  Don’t Compare yourself to others, or even to what YOU used to be…Live present. YOU ARE A GIFT!

12)  Take time to be quiet, relax and just BE YOU.  Unplug, schedule a tech free day, be in nature…

13)  Break the routine, challenge your mind, limits, FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!!Life is too short not to!

14) Repeat the above steps over and over and over…YOU DESRVE LOVE!!!!!!



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