100 Days of Positives 4-5 Everyday is Better.

100 Days of Positive 4-5 

ImageI have such Gratitude today!!! I got a full night sleep…Thanks Aliyah! 

I just taught a wonderful prenatal yoga class, and I’m happy to report actively working on being positive-works!  Being Pregnant as most of you know was hard for me, but it is allowing me to guide my students to better understand their new level of fitness without the frustration I experienced(mostly because I was negative and stubborn).

So today is day #4…Positive Affirmations: Practice saying a positive statement over and over.
After many years of yoga and with lots of experience in positive thinking exercises in general…I recommend trying to use the same positive statement for at least 60 days.
Look at it like a mild form of purpose driven brain washing.
Affirmations become our truths.
My current one: “Strong Mind, Stronger Body, Strongest Spirit”
Sunday was even better! 
We took Aliyah to the beach and she had her 1st literal taste of ocean and sand.  Nothing compares to watching her experience NEW. She inspires me to keep positive and express positives out loud…even where I want to SCREAM negatives!
Day 5: Learn to Re-Direct Thoughts
Aliyah really makes this SO easy. (If you don’t have kids I highly recommend viewing the world through your dogs eyes”)
 She has shown me how small annoyances can be and how BIG and joyous just soaking in life is.  When I get overwhelmed I try to see things in small sections of opportunity.
Ask yourself? Where is the opportunity? What is the lesson?
How will I-Can I grow?
Seek positives and they will be seen…
Focus on negatives and that is what you will get…More of the same…
Life is 90% what we make of the 10% that actually happens.
Ursula and Aliyah

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