Zen and The Art of Laundry Folding

The Last 11 days have been exactly what I wanted, needed, and aspired for: Inspired 2014!

I am eager to find tools to keep it going. Sometimes just reframing helps. I love to fold laundry. When I mention this I am often met with bewilder or invites to do others chores.
“Chore”-that is just it I don’t view this as a chore.

So here is my quick explanation of how any task just be joyous…meditation even.

As I sit and fold my laundry I have several beautiful thoughts of the past days…
*I see Aliyah’s lil outfits and remember how adorable, messy or silly she got in them.
*I see running shorts or yoga pants and I feel gratitude and pride for my service to self.
*I remind myself I am lucky I have such a great partner in my hubby…he washes…I fold.

It is my zen laundry folding at night. A happy memorable meditation.
There are any number of ways/thoughts that make this mindful folding sat chit ananda (bliss).

This week invite yourself to reframe a task or two. Who knows where the positive mindset will lead.

I aspire to get my mind around dish washing this way!


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