The “Ugly” Side of Authentic



Yoga has taught me to ease into things, to not push too hard too fast, and to be over all more gentle- especially with how I talk to myself!
Ahimsa teaches us not to harm, and to me this includes the ability to be authentic or truthful…1st with ourselves…here’s where I wrestle in grey area land…or what I like to call the “ugly side of authentic”.
This is not silly things that could be in the yoga world I studied in; considered “ugly”, but are my authentic. For example, the fact that I live for a good soap opera style drama like Revenge, still enjoy a good fried coated in sugar donut or pralines(pure sugar) every once in a while, or that I LOVE beer!
No, the “ugly” authentic I speak of is at the core of me, of you, of all of us! It reminds me of the old saying “if you don’t have anything nice to say…” You know the rest.
So, 3 days ago I started working on this post in my head…if I had been authentic in that moment the title might of been:
Why You Don’t Visit Relatives While PMSing In A Snow Storm
Stuck In New Orleans In Shitty Sleety Weather With A 16 Month Old And A Migraine
I’d…lol these, but the level of “ugly” that might of come from these posts is pretty great and that is not who I feel I want to be at my core.
My meditation and yoga practice afford me the ability and time to filter what I say which is my real authentic…being positive and helping others to see/learn it is a conscious choice…Even when life hands you lemons.
Asking is it Kind? Is it necessary? And most importantly for my blog/life Will it serve?
I shared my woes with some of my family and friends…yucky…ugly energy-SORRY!
And so instead of a another rant about things gone not at all my way…
Here is how that time(meditation/yoga) woke me up to the truths!
1) I had a warm bed at my Maw Maw’s both extra nights I was stuck in La…while others looked for hotel rooms or even shelters
2) Aliyah had a blast with her cousins, And I enjoyed my family too…some people don’t have a loving extended family or the funds to travel to them
3) Watching my Grandparents love for Aliyah is a feeling I have yet to describe with enough passion…and in their 80s I am so blessed by the Universe to still have 3 in excellent health
4) The kindness of strangers got me hot coffee and a ride to the airport…nuff said…love NOLA people…and Canadians”)
5) I have a new appreciation for Florida things/loved ones…#ilivewhereuvaca
6) The fact is this list could be longer…but you get the point

We can in fact pause and move past “ugly”Authentic…let temporary let downs settle, find meditative reflection and invite the sunshiny authentic us in. Owning the energy that I share is part of my yogic path.




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