Exercise to Regulate Energy Shifts

This month marks the unofficial end of my cooking company (my last private client finishes services in May). I have been happy, excited, sad, terrified, bored, drained, (insert over whelming adjectives here!) I have been working full time plus since I was 16.

I will be a stay at home mama to Aliyah mostly-Who teaches 6 yoga classes a week for fun”) and $$$ …and continue daydreaming up the next thing I’ll be when I grow up! (When she grows up a lil too!)
I am transitioning in all areas of my life. #ohmy

Ever notice that your yoga practice or running routine or (insert workout here) mirrors your life energy? It is true we flow and move at a certain rate/speed at times in our lives regardless of the activity and potentially based on mood or circumstance.

High Energy+Lots of or Intense Movement=Happy

Low Energy-Sleep=All Kinds of ?!?!F***ed up S**t

This became oh-so clear to me just this last week when I stumbled again on this blog post I started not once, but twice before!?! I may not always get the post up, but I get the workouts in! #whatmatters
It is not the 1st time I have noticed my life energy(mood) mirroring my fitness, or visa versa, just like anyone…I fall asleep in my waking life and I forget to check in with my physical self on occasion. The result of which can be brutal.

When I am experiencing times of bliss in my personal and professional life my workouts feel effortless, cup filling and blissful too! Although; I feel benefits and I am grateful for them, My routines at these times are steady, scheduled and maybe not super challenging anymore. Great workouts yes…
but on a positive note…
In times of crisis, challenge or transition? well…well it wakes me…and I really have to live it through! Move it through…literally!!
I look for ways to stay the corse with fitness, fun and not getting frazzled, I dare and double dare myself to find anyway to stick with JOY and Movement as Release! When I over come my mood (shift my energy) during these times I am unstoppable!

It all started in March…

March 30th, 2014
What a Beautiful Day with A!

“My run this am was other worldly. It is so rare to have it be nice and breezy on a late morning run outside in Florida. Pandora’s running station was on point filling my ears with pure motivation, and Aliyah must of felt the same ease(bliss). She napped the whole time”) Sweet! Long Slow Run #fun!
I had been giving a lot of thought to slowing my pace to help with my endurance…Today was a good day to try. This was hard for me!!! I like to run fast. FLY! I like to run like I have something to prove…beat the clock.

April 23rd,2014
How to Run with the You Can’ts Chasing You

Today I ran for the 1st time in a week…It too was other worldly! Like I thought I might die and leave this world?!? Hot out and hard!

I was SO happy to lace up and take off this am after 3 days with a head cold…that I did none of the things I should of to ensure I started back with ease. After any hiatus; whether sick, injured, or on vacation, (of course I run on vacation #adventure) you should always start back easy. I stretched, but after that I rushed, I had poor breath control, I had shin splits, as runs go it was too HARD- a suck fest!!! Kind of like today could of turned out…
But-I am still thrilled with it-because I went and I never gave up or lost momentum!

We all have days when we don’t exactly love to or want to run, days we are just going through the motions…because we need the run! I always find the end result to be BLISS regardless.
Still; if you want to get the best out of any practice, it takes presence and positive energy the whole way to push to your limit.

May 20,2014

I’ve had several great and a few bad runs since then. Today I did a short and sweet mat practice with Aliyah, followed by a walk?!?
A walk…yes you heard me right. After all…what is slower than that?
And really I am trying to be content with it, but it feels lazy…trying to shift focus to nature and breath.

Almost 2 months later and I am still working on slowing down…in all areas! (insert snickers/snorts) It isn’t in me to come to a fault or rest. I live to be doing, seeing, creating, and running-Full speed a head.

What is my point?
When life gets hard, tricky or starts to slow…keep moving! My life is in a phase of shifting, my energy is shifting, and so my workouts are shifting too. This happens and it is all ok; as long as, I continue to flow optimistically with the shifts.

Today no matter who you are or how you are feeling…Wake up and Move…Wake up and Live!




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